Deaf Cruise Vacation USA Travel Agent 



Best Price Break, Inc. -
Deaf Cruise Travel Agent

Why use us for Deaf Cruise Travel Agent?

  • We are Deaf and easily communicate with us in ASL. We can talk via VP, TTY, Glide App, Email, etc.
  • We check if your cruise rate goes down daily (notifying system) and you get money back / free on-board credit depending on your cruise rate rules.  
  • We find the best cruise rate so you can get the best deal. 
  • We can help you set up your own group cruise as a free service for you and your family and friends, club, etc. You are in charge of your own group.  
  • We have been on many cruises and have lots of experiences. You can ask us any questions, even trivial questions.  We have the time to talk to you and answer any of your questions for free.  
  • We give personalized service and give you full attention.  


We are CLIA Accredited Cruise Counsellor. We Help Deaf Get Best Cruise Vacation Price.

We are CLIA Accredited Certified.  We are CLIA Accredited Certified. Deaf feel a lot of freedom when you go on a cruise.  Cruise ship offers a lot to Deaf Guests. Freedom is what Deaf want without limitation.  

In the year 2015 is a 
great time to go on a cruise as prices are at a great low.