Set Up Deaf Group Cruise

Free Cruise for you or Share the Savings!


Do you know how to get free cruise or share the savings?


Free Cruise Fare

We can help you set up a group cruise.  The standard is a minimum of one free berth per 8 cabins of 2 or more guests each cabin.  Sometimes cruise-lines have specials that will require less than that.  

One berth person will cruise for free for every 8 cabins (at least 16 people). The free berth person have to pay only taxes and port charges (usually at least $100 for a 7 night sailing). 

Of course if there are 16 cabins with at least 32 people, then two people will get Free Cruise Fare and so forth.

8 cabins (16 guests) traveling = 1 Free Bed (Berth)

16 cabins (32 guests) traveling = 2 Free Beds (Berths) (1 free cabin)
24 cabins (48 guests) traveling = 3 Free Beds (Berths)
32 cabins (64 guests) traveling = 4 Free Beds (Berths) (2 free cabins)
96 cabins (192 guests) traveling = 12 Free Beds (Berths) (6 free cabins) and so forth...

Share the Savings
Some people prefer not to get free cruise fare but use that money to give savings to everyone in the group evenly.  It is up to you to get free cruise fare or share the savings to everyone in this group evenly.  The savings will be given to each guests before they go on the cruise.  

Become a Tour Conductor or Group Leader. Become a Tour Conductor or Group Leader.

The first free berth person will be called Tour Conductor or if you prefer to be called group leader or any other title who is responsible for this group. 

Each cruise line has its own group leader policy and they may vary depending upon the cruise line.

Special Guest Invitation (Optional)
Some groups use their free berth(s) to invite a guest lecturer or celebrity who may add value to your group cruise experience. This could be a local pastor, popular deaf individuals or specialists in your group's field of interest whose participation may encourage others to join your group.


What Group can you set up? 

The sky is the limit.  It can be any group such as:

  • Friends and Family Groups (Class Reunion, Church Group, Family Reunion, Wedding, Friends, etc.)

  • Corporate & Incentive Groups (Reward your Employee, Top Sales People, Retreat or Seminar, etc.)

  • Sports Groups

  • Common Interest Groups (Scrapbook, Love to Run, Fitness Boot Camp, etc.)

  • Weddings and Anniversaries

  • Clubs and Associations

  • Professional Groups

  • Any Groups of any kind.  

Plus, onboard your group will get amenities for being part of the group.  You get points which you can use to get something for free.  One example is onboard cash credit that they can spend on the cruise activities, etc.  Another example is free wine for each stateroom or other things depending on the cruise-lines.  You will be able to choose it. 

Also many times, each person in the group will pay less for cruising compared to the public regular rate they have to pay to go on a cruise. 

We will help you with all aspects of Group Cruise including planning, registration and administration. we will provide you a link to
promotional fliers, and create for you special website to help you promote your group.

Plus, you'll also enjoy these benefits through us saving you a lot of many hours of work. 

We do the work to register your guests and because we are authorized travel agents, we will take care of each guests to pay for their cruise.  There will always be only one same person to help you all the way through. 

We will answer you and your guests with any questions they have that is related to this cruise.  We have lot of expertise with cruise so we can answer your questions and concerns.  

We can give you advice on which cruise will be great for your group, etc.  It is easy work for you as we do most of the work for you.  All you need is to bring them to us and we put them into your group.

Important: To become Tour Conductor or Group Leader, you will still have to pay for your cruise fare, taxes and port fees, etc. like everyone else in the group.  Once you qualify having at least 8 Cabins (16 guest or more), you will get your money back before you go on the cruise.   For other guests in the group, please know that it is fair as this Tour Conductor has done a lot of work to create this group.  It is not an easy job.  Appreciate this Tour Conductor.  


Best of all, it is a free service as we never charge you for using our service.  We get commission as we are authorized Travel Agents by the cruise line so you do not have to pay anything.  


For immediate assistance in planning your group, please call 801-331-5235 (V/VP). 


You can see our Video Library Here about cruises here.

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